Below you will find a brief description of our ministries.  For detailed information about activities, times and locations, please go to our CALENDAR OF EVENTS. 


CrossU is a ministry for our current college students as well as our college bound high school graduates. Our discipleship mission is multi-faceted in providing our students a direct link to their church community while they are away at school. The first steps into adulthood and advanced studies often brings frustration and uncertainty. This ministry exists to equip students with the comforting and familiar encouragements poured forth from the pews and pulpit of The Cross. Students receive weekly encouragement directly from Pastor Tommy as well as weekly sermon summaries and audio links. Each semester the students receive care packages which include treats and a personalized message from Pastor Tommy. As a rapidly expanding ministry our students can look forward to additional discipleship opportunities they will be able to share with fellow students on campus. Click here for more info…

Primary Activities:

Weekly Notes of Encouragement

 24hr Access to The Cross Audio Links

 Semester Care Packages

Youth Ministry (Area 678 & Upper Room)

Our mission, to make disciples, is not age dependent. We are committed to providing Bible study, worship, fellowship, and activities to young people. Area 678 is our middle school ministry while the Upper Room is for our high school students.

We know that God clearly directs his people to train and instruct young people. Thorough training in God’s Word from a young age we are empowered to create young people who are prepared to share the Gospel, live their faith, and serve God as life-long Christians.


Primary Activities:

Weekly Youth Group Meetings
Weekly Sunday School Meetings
Monthly Community Partnerships
Annual Mission Trips

Kids at the Cross

Our mission, to make disciples, is not age dependent. We are committed to providing Bible study, worship, fellowship, and activities to young people (appropriate to each age group).  It is our desire at The Cross to provide fun and meaningful opportunities for children to know the Lord and grow their relationship with Him.   This is why we offer many opportunities for children to worship and learn in an age appropriate environment.  It is also our desire to help parents teach their children how to worship together as a family.


Primary Activities:

Kid’s Church

Sunday School

Seasonal Outreach Events

Vacation Bible School


Men of the Cross

It is not an overstatement to say that the welfare of God’s people rises and falls on the men among them. And the unfortunate absence of men who “stand in the gap” is all too common. Today’s church will rise to the standards of their Lord only if it has men who are loving leaders, effective teachers, and godly examples.  We at The Cross are committed to discipling the men of our church, to provide them guidance in growing more like Christ, and to forge bonds among them that will promote accountability to godly living.



Primary Activities:  

Monday Night Brother Brigade

Softball Sports Ministry (Spring)

Seasonal Breakfasts

Women of the Cross

Cross Community Church women’s ministries are focused on helping women grow more deeply in their love of Jesus, grow in their knowledge of the Bible, and get connected with one another with the ultimate goal of creating disciples of Jesus who make other disciples.

We recognize that women are vital to a healthy church. In the Bible, it was the women who stuck by Jesus as he died on the cross. It was the women who discovered that Jesus rose from the dead and told the disciples – the Bible shows that women faithfully served and participated in the early church.  The Bible also shows us that women are recognized as equal image bearers of God, with distinct roles.

Women’s Ministries at The Cross are open to all women of any age and stage of life – typical activities include Bible Studies, Fellowship Breakfasts, service opportunities, small group fellowships, holiday events, etc.




Primary Activities


Wednesday Bible Study

Bi-Annual Luncheon/Brunch

Fellowship Events:

Movie nights, game nights

Women’s Retreat

Young Adults at the Cross

The Young Adults Ministry at The Cross provides a place for single and married young adults to study the word of God, develop relationships, and discuss issues facing our generation. Through Bible studies, community projects and recreational activities, as well as accountability, evangelism, and discipleship, we strive to develop a community of men and women who desire to further Christ’s Kingdom in Deerfield Beach and beyond.


Primary Activities:

Regular Bible Studies

Fellowship Events:

BBQs, Beach Volleyball

Sports Ministry

Our objective in Sports Ministries at The Cross is to provide fellowship and relationship building for the entire church body and friends.  Sports Ministries moves us beyond our comfort zones by playing and interacting with those we may not personally know well, thus expanding and strengthening our community.

Everyone is welcomed!  Sports provides an opportunity to meet and develop relationships with those beyond the walls of our church.  We have an opportunity to share in the Great Commission – sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the lost world.  We also do this in word (our language both on and off the field of sport), in deed (how we play the game) and in the way we relate and fellowship one to another.



Primary Activities


Men’s Softball League (Spring)

Sand Volleyball
Download 2016 Softball Schedule

Cross Community Quilters

The Cross Quilters gather to make quilts in the name of Jesus for extreme needs for convalescent, children, foster care, missionary and prison ministries. Their purpose is to continue to learn new ministry quilts and to fellowship together as women. Their primary goal is to be a witness to the unsaved and encouragers of the body of Christ through the gifts of our quilts.

We will be making beginner or intermediate quilts for ministry.  This group is not intended to provide you with expert quilting skills.  There are many classes for that.  We are here to comfort and serve others with our quilts because he first served and comforted us.


Contact:  Carolyn Miller 754-264-3601

Primary Activities:

Meet 1st Tuesday 7pm-9pm
and 3rd Tuesday 10:30am- 3:30pm
to work on quilts

Periodic fellowship events

Deliver quilts and share the gospel with the recipients.