Our Story

In August 2011, Kim and I were approached about planting a church in the local area birthed out of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church.  Many of you know that we have been praying about this for over a decade. Every time I thought it was the right time, my wife Kim said it was not.  We started praying long and hard and had a number of meetings to discuss the details of the process.  At one meeting, the CRPC leadership team asked if we would be willing to go through church planting assessment with the Mission to North America (the church planting ministry of the PCA).  We agreed and started the process.

At our September 2011 CRPC session meeting, a vision for church planting was presented.  Kim and I were put forth as the first church planters.  There was unanimous agreement to move forward.  We continued praying and meeting, as we immersed ourselves in church planting information from a variety of sources including the Redeemer Church Planting Strategy by Tim Keller.

The leadership team recommended that we meet with Rick Hunter, a church planter and member of the South Florida Presbytery, who heads up a church planting network called ReNew South Florida.  After our first meeting, we committed to being a part of his monthly workshops and attended the first one on November 3, 2011.  We reported to the CRPC session at their November meeting and gave an update of progress since the last meeting.

We were accepted to attend church planting assessment and, on November 14-16, 2011, we went to Atlanta to go through this process.  The entire process was as vigorous as it was exhausting.  The assessment was very thorough, leaving no stone unturned.   They evaluated us for the characteristics necessary for church planting – spiritual, mental, emotional, relational, and physical.  We left with their highest rating of “recommended” for church planting.  We were humbled by the final results and strengthened in the confirmation of our call to plant a church.

One of their strong recommendations for everyone who is planting a church, is to commit to working with a church plant coach.  They believe this is a critical component for the ongoing success of the church.  One of the individuals who conducted one of my hour-long interviews prior to being accepted to MNA Church Planting Assessment was Tom Wood, President of Church Multiplication Ministries in Atlanta.  He is also a church plant coach.  We have since become friends and have arranged for him to be one of our church plant coaches.  He and Scott Thomas (President of Acts 29 Network and Lead Pastor of Church Planting at Mars Hill Church) have co- authored the book Gospel Coach, Shepherding Leaders To Glorify God.   

We have been receiving confirmation of our call from everyone who has entered into this process with us.  Believe me when I tell you we were looking for a red light, or even a yellow caution light at every possible turn.  Life was comfortable, but God continued to confirm His call for our lives.  He sent countless others to speak encouragement and blessing into our lives, and to urge us to follow God's leading.  We fully trust that God will continue leading, guiding, and providing the wisdom necessary to do what He has called us to do knowing that God never calls without equipping.

Pastor Tommy